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★ Our Vision ★ 

Coming Soon! Read guidelines shown below for now.

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★ Important Guidelines ★ 

Welcome to "Yengi Dewr United Free Speech"; an anonymous & thought-provoking space for you to express your authentic self, love learning from your fellow Uyghurs and contribute towards the next thriving generation.

When signing up, please use a fake First and Last name; we currently don't have a way around this. Thank you.

In order to join and stay in this group, please understand and commit to the following rules.

1. Privacy and anonymity is our top priority, so please check your entire personal account settings. Do not use a username that your friends will recognize. Only the moderators will have verifiable identities for accountability reasons.

2. Maintaining mutual respect is also our absolute top priority. You can debate various topics without being vile. If your messaging is seen as toxic, you will be warned and ultimately respectfully removed.

3. All other guidelines for similar online forums stay true for this one as well.

4. If you have been inactive (have not made a comment or contributed in any way) within 30 days, you will be warned and then removed in order for us to maintain a healthy community number.

5. More coming soon....

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